Photo by Adam Battaglia
KTG, Collection 8
SAYNT is a commentary on my journey "home". Home meaning back to creativity.

Photography by Pimp4art
Makeup by Rachael Werren
BTS photography by Adam Battaglia
Model Elizabeth Marochok
Los Angeles Fashion District, Los Angeles, Ca
15 September 2021
A modern retelling of the Broadway Musical set in a post-Covid19 world.
Directed by Jim Whitson
Costume design by KTGfashionhouse
Production by Story by Image
A modern retelling of the Broadway Musical set in a post-Covid19 world.
Directed by Jim Whitson
Costume design by KTGfashionhouse
Production by Story by Image
Produced by Robin Williams
Choreography by Kelly Mayton
Music Direction by Lex Leigh
Director of Photography David Orgill
Film Editor Carol Yee
First Assistant Dylan Busdeicker
Second Assistant Kara Peak Costume Assistant Kalie Stokes, Robin Butler
Lighting design Shelby Thatch
Sound Design Tyler Dawson
Dance Captain Stephanie Benson

Amanda B.
Stephanie B.
Gwen B.
Chathrine C.
Cheyenne C.
Matthew C.
Luke J.
Abigail K.
Rebecca K.
Betina L.
Tate N.
Christian O.
Sidra R.
Anthony R.
Samantha S.

Godspell is presented through special arrangement with Musical Theatre International.
All authorized performances are supplied by MTI.
Out in Front: The Future
Far ahead, beyond Avant Garde. She is the future.

Clothing by KTGfashionhouse
Photography by Arthur Davis
Styling by Danaysia Marche
MUA Diana Michelle
Model Patricia Z.
The Moon Goddess

Metropolitan Fashion Week Costume Contest
The Original Farmer's Market, The Grove Los Angeles
26 September, 2019
Model: Madison Fredricks
Photos by Joe Garcia
I began by researching goddesses of Greek Mythology. I found the moon goddess Selene. It described her as being not separate from, but of the moon. However, I took most of my inspiration from the textures and ice pools of the actual earth moon. I chose a grey scale, using a variety of silks and mesh. The abstract shapes were hand-cut using grey and clear 16-gauge matte vinyl. The glass beads, crystals, and stones were all applied by hand.

The entire gown and headpiece were created from the ground up. I drew patterns for both, beginning with the head piece. I carefully attached each element of the dress, layer by layer, some are hand sewn. Each piece of silk was finished by burning it. The braided trim was handmade. No zippers, or any other fasteners were used. I finished the abstract shapes with fine LED lights to illuminate the moon goddess.

Her crescent moon shields were 3D printed. I outsourced those to my uncle, and he brought my sketches to life. The crescent moons were spray painted a grey scale. I added LEDs, and handles (drawer pulls). Finally, I embellished with a monochromatic yarn wrap, silver flakes, beads, and stones.

At the first meeting, I was told not to hold back. I set an intention to dive deep into my childlike imagination. I was inspired to sketch a whimsical interpretation of Selene, the moon goddess. I want to thank Madison for being so exceptional and professional, and for being born!

The Garden Shot by Masashi KoikE
The Garden
The Garden:
Collection 5 2018
Sumi "Poppin Sumi"
All designs by KTGfashionhouse
Photography by Masashi Koike
Hair and Makeup by KTG

Locations: Historic Home on Location: Long Beach, 15 November 2017

Rebirth of Nonfiction shot by Latoya tyson
Rebirth of Nonfiction
Rebirth Of Nonfiction: Inspired by my coastal lifestyle
KTGfashionhouse Men and Women's Preview 2016

Jonathan, Nick, Adam, and Allyssa B. Principal Ballerina of the Los Angeles Ballet, illustrates the ability to move freely dancing in KTG, with comfort in style and grace...

All designs by KTGfashionhouse
Photography by Latoya Tyson
Hair and Makeup by Christine Ilene

Locations: E. Broadway Cooridor, The Colorado Lagoon Long Beach, 19 Sepetmber 2015

The Spell
Costume Design by KTGfashionhouse
Wardobe by KTGfashionhouse

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